Premium Biltong

Handmade biltong made with premium British and Irish, beef and lamb. Cured in with a special blend of spices giving you a tasty, low carb, protein packed snack to have after a work out or with a nice cold beer. Bux biltong UK, the best biltong you’re likely to find. Your one stop shop to buy biltong online

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Ticks all the Boxes

Nothing but the good stuff

Our biltong is a hand crafted artisan produce. We only use the finest and fully traceable grass fed beef – we pack forty two grammes of protein into every hundred grammes making it perfect for muscle recovery whilst keeping the carbs and calories low.

What is Biltong?
Biltong as it is today evolved from the dried meat carried by wagon-travelling Dutch settlers in South Africa, there were no fridges or freezers back then so the only way to preserve large amounts of meat was to cure it with salt. Other natural preservatives were added such as coriander, pepper and cloves. This not only preserves the meat it adds to the depth of flavours we all enjoy today. The word Biltong derives from the Dutch word of Bil (Buttock) and Tong (strip), could be useful in a pub quiz  
What our fans say
"The best biltong I've ever tasted. Full of flavour and imposible to put down!"
"The biltong that Bux produces reminds me of being in South Africa with my family. A perfect balance of herbs and spices to create the perfect flavour! 5/5"
"This stuff is superb, better then anything I've tasted in the UK & I love that it's made locally. Was the perfect accompaniment for the 100 mile South Downs Way solo hike I just completed"
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