Best thing since sliced bread

Sorry! – absolutely no South African origins here but after tasting biltong during my travels I was hooked and I’ve been making it ever since, in an old bread tin with a forty watt light bulb. Some twenty years later and with specialist equipment imported from South Africa I’m still making it to my original recipe, a Namibian recipe, with a few tweaks here and there. The result is a superior hand crafted snack with undertones of every ingredient being slowly released as you munch through a pack or two.

It's all too much...

Biltong dryer

It's all too much...

…Of course not, we only use the finest ingredients in our cure – and we use a lot of them, these are natural preservatives and have been used for centuries, the bonus is, they make the biltong taste amazing.

You're in safe hands

We apply the strictest control measures ensuring our products are both safe as well as tasty, We are a registered food business with Fareham Borough Council. 

If you have a complaint or feel that the products are below standard the please contact us .

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